Chocolate Frozen Protein Bites

So I’ve been obsessed with these vanilla bean frozen bites from coaches recipes. Me of course, can never leave well enough alone and I have made a chocolate version!

Here is what you need. Below I will write how much you need (in a couple different measurements) and a couple options for swap outs. I realize not everyone has the same pantry!

Frozen Bites 011


  • 0% Plain Greek Yogurt – 1 cup or for macro precision 219g.
  • 95% Fat free Philadelphia cream cheese – 2 tbsp or 30g.
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk – 1/4 cup or 60g/2.15 oz.
  • Marantha chocolate almond butter *Alternate is Nutella* – 1 tbsp or 8g.
  • Chocolate Stevia *Alternate regular stevia* – Use to taste. ~I get my flavored stevia’s from health food stores, so check yours!
  • Not pictured and completely voluntary is flaxseeds. They have many benefits so I suggest them, but not necessary. Macros below list for 1.5 tbsp or 10g.


  1. Mix all the ingredients in a food processor.
  2. Put the blended mixture into individual muffin cups. Use your muffin tin or I have these handy silicone molds from Epicure. 
  3. Freeze for a couple hours. 
  4. And Enjoy. Don’t forget to lick the bowl clean, because damnit you counted those macros!

Frozen Bites 006

Macros for each version: (This is for all 6 bites!)

Chocolate Almond Butter with flaxseed: Calories 278, Fat 10g, Carb 16g, Protein 30g.

Chocolate Almond Butter without flaxseed: Calories 225, Fat 5g, Carb 13g, Protein 28g.

Nutella with flaxseed: Calories 271, Fat 9g, Carb 17g, Protein 29g.

Nutella without flaxseed: Calories 218, Fat 4g, Carb 14g, Protein 27g. 

Frozen Bites 026

Frozen Bites 017


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